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Does your roof need replacing

Does your Roof Need Replacing?

That proverbial ‘roof over your head’. We’d be pretty stuck without it. But how do we know when it needs replacing? Well, us helpful chaps at MPK Lofts are…

Posted in Roofs on July 10th, 2019
Try to remove snow from your roof before it becomes thick.

Tips for Winter Roofcare

Winter is coming and for homeowners across the UK, it’s time to start considering how the adverse weather can affect your property. One cause for concern is the roof,…

Posted in Roofs on October 18th, 2016
Drone in flight

Drones Are Now Being Used To Assess Roofs

We have become familiar with drones because of their use in the military in surveillance operations.

But now drones are being used in a more commercial and trivial manner, drones were brought…

Posted in Roofs on January 16th, 2015

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