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Could Your Roof Be the Reason You’re Not Selling?

Posted by Ellie Crone
8th May 2018

If you’re struggling to push through a property sale, then it’s time to reconsider your selling approach. If lowering the price or changing estate agent hasn’t worked, the answer may lie in the appearance of your home’s exterior.

The most prominent feature of a property is the roof. If its appearance isn’t up to scratch, prospective buyers may instantly take a dislike to the home. Likewise, any sign of deterioration will mean costly repair jobs for the new owners – another sure-fire way of losing interest.

Because of this, take the time to assess the condition of your roof and if it could be the reason you’re not selling. Here are some further aspects to consider.

an attractive roof could help sell your house



If the roof hasn’t been looked at in over 20 years, the long-term effects of sunlight and precipitation will start to take their toll. This will be noticeable from the first moment potential buyers arrive for a viewing.

Missing or cracked roof shingles are the most obvious issue to address, whilst chimneys and skylights may also be suffering from severe deterioration. In addition, leaky and worn-out gutters will certainly devalue the home’s aesthetic, not to mention the price.

There are plenty of modern roof designs that can be incorporated onto your property, all with a variety of patterns, textures and colour schemes. A good ploy is to check out other properties in the area and how a new roof can fit in with the existing trend or make your property stand out.   

your roof should be in good condition


Buyers are more than likely to conduct a survey of the home before making their investment. Of course, a bad report is almost guaranteed to see them scarper. This means it can really pay dividends to invest in any necessary repair works as soon as possible.

Furthermore, if there are serious structural problems with the roof, mortgage companies will be very unlikely to provide cover due to the insurance costs. This will knock out a large number of potential buyers too.

Hiring a roof cleaner can paper over the cracks but won’t eradicate the root cause of serious physical issues. They won’t be able to fix the problems caused by improper ventilation and insulation, leading to a deterioration of the entire roofing system over time. Excessive moisture, rust and the formation of ice dams are tell-tale signs that work is needed. If you think your roof needs some attention, MPK Lofts offer roofing services in and around Bath and Bristol; get in touch to discuss your new roof or any repair work you need on your existing one.

repair the roof before selling your house

Preventive Measures

Remember that the roof plays a crucial role in weatherproofing the home. It needs to be in exemplary shape so further repairs aren’t necessary for potential buyers. However, even if there are no major structural problems, its appearance can also play a factor in how long your home stays on the market.

Because of this, making repairs or improvements becomes of paramount importance if you wish to complete a house sale quickly. You could even go one step further and transform the roof space itself into a livable room by carrying out a loft conversion.

By doing so, your roof is guaranteed to be in impeccable shape before the viewing stage commences, adding much needed value to the final sale price too. If you’re be interested in how a loft conversion can help sell your home, please feel free to contact us here at MPK Lofts today.


Posted by Ellie Crone
8th May 2018
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