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What You Need to Know About Tiled Roof Conservatories

Posted by Hermione
5th October 2017

Conservatories add living space to the home, enhancing the property aesthetic and boosting its resale value at the same time. They’re often used as an area to relax in the summer months, utilising the glass façade to soak up natural sunlight.

One downside comes when the weather isn’t quite so good. Being more vulnerable to outdoor temperatures, they’re not in use as much in the winter or when rain is hammering down on the glass panels.

An effective countermeasure is to construct conservatories with a solid, tiled roof. Not only can you enjoy the room throughout the year, but you’ll also have added privacy and increased protection from annoying sun glare.

If you’re considering a tiled roof conservatory, here are some things you need to know.


As you’d expect, the cost of substituting the existing glass structure into a solid roof will depend on various factors. These include the size and shape of the conservatory, as well as the type of materials required.

Estimates can range from around £3,000 anywhere up to £8,000. However, when calculating the overall cost, bear in mind that a tiled roof will reduce energy bills in the long run. For more information on this, enquire about thermal building materials during the planning stage.

Obtaining a fully-inclusive quote is imperative, including the price of VAT, insurance and building regulation compliance. Here at MPK lofts, we offer a free, no-obligation quote before any work begins.

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Tiled roof conservatories can be designed to compliment the architecture of the main house – a massive plus for homeowners. Likewise, solid roofs present more styling options than glass panels as there’s less concern over structural support.  

Depending on the required aesthetic and budget, a wide-range of materials are at your disposal. For example, traditional slate creates an authentic and classy feel, whilst modern synthetic tiles are usually cheaper yet still provide robust protection against the elements.


Replacing the original glass panels with solid conservatory tiles is something we can do at MPK Lofts. With extra weight being added, we may need to reinforce support frames or replace them completely. Re-felting or re-battening may also be needed before the roof tiles are attached.

Consideration must also be made of the conservatory ceiling. In some cases, the internal headspace may be diminished by a change in roof type, although this is relatively rare.

Other Considerations

The completion time of a tiled roof conversion can vary, although a basic estimate would be between four and six days. As you’re just altering the existing roof, it’s unlikely full planning permission will be required.

Building regulations approval will be needed however, something we can obtain at MPK Lofts. Likewise, we also offer a long-term structural guarantee for added peace of mind.

For any more information on our tiled roof conversions, our friendly sales team can be reached via the contact page.
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Posted by Hermione
5th October 2017
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