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Does your Roof Need Replacing?

Posted by Ellie Crone
10th July 2019

That proverbial ‘roof over your head’. We’d be pretty stuck without it. But how do we know when it needs replacing? Well, us helpful chaps at MPK Lofts are here to give you some pointers. Read on to find out about the warning signs that your roof might need some attention.

Does your roof need replacing

Signs that you may need a new roof

Age: How old is your roof? most experts agree that 20 years is around the time to get those shingles replaced. 

Bald spots (no, not on your head). Bald patches on shingles are a clear and present indicator that it’s time to replace your roof. 

Dark Streaks – Airborne algae will cause dark streaks on roofs which makes it look less than beautiful. Algae streaks can be eliminated using a 50/50 mix of water and bleach, applied to roofing. Always use a low-power setting on your hose for this as this minimises blasting off protective granules. Also, always protect against run-off from the solution. Bleached hydrangeas are never a good look.

Leaks – These are the common enemy of the homeowner, especially here in the UK where we see so much rain! Grab a torch, get up in the attic and start investigating. If your torch is out of batteries, pop up during the day and keep an eye out for streams of sunlight – if rain water is coming in, it’s coming in there.

Flash! Aha – he saved every one of us! Flashing around skylights and chimneys, etc protect the seams of the roof from the elements. Inspect these areas to ensure there are no cracks or breaks.  In older homes, flashing often constitutes roof cement or tar. If this is the case for your home, perhaps you should consider upgrading to metal-based flashing which is more durable.

While moss does wonders for the environment, it doesn’t for your roof. This could be a sign of trapped moisture on your rooftop which in turn leads to roof degradation. A stiff brush and a touch of the good old elbow grease is enough to eliminate this unwanted guest.

Moss on roof

Check out how your neighbours’ roofs are looking; the chances are good that other rooftops in the neighbourhood were constructed around the same time as your own. If the Jones’ roof is looking a little worse for wear, yours probably is too, and could probably do with a proper inspection and potentially repairs or preventative measures.

Poor ventilation is the enemy of cracked shingles so keep an eye on how well aired your roof is.

The legal stuff

Some work can be carried out without having to apply for planning approval – these are covered by PD (Permitted Development). But it does depend on a few things; find out more by reading our article on Permitted Development, explaining the parameters the work you are proposing must fall into in order to be classified as a permitted development.

Planning and Building Control are statutory approvals that you must apply for – otherwise you’re breaking the law and could face redoing work or in extreme cases demolishing what you’ve built. More info on this can be found here.

While replacing your roof can be both intimidating and costly, luckily MPK Lofts Conversion & Construction are experts in the field. With over 25 years’ worth of experience serving the Bristol, Bath and London areas, not only providing roofing services but MPK Lofts also offer garage conversions, extensions and roofing services. Every single project is personally overseen by the man himself, Martin Knapp. On time. On budget. And to the highest standards in the industry. Get in touch today by calling 0117 9478200 or emailing

Posted by Ellie Crone
10th July 2019
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