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Drones Are Now Being Used To Assess Roofs

Posted by Hermione
16th January 2015

We have become familiar with drones because of their use in the military in surveillance operations.

But now drones are being used in a more commercial and trivial manner, drones were brought to the mass public attention through the amazing footage that over 10 million people have watched of a drone that captured a firework display:

But now, we are hearing that some drones drones are now being used to assess roofs to help roofing contractors to inspect roofs!

Here’s an example of a roofing company in America putting a drone to action:

The unmanned air craft gives roofing contractors a prime opportunity to get high definition real-time footage of the roofs that they are inspecting prior to any roof repair or refitting job.

Using a drone is a huge benefit to the individuals that carry out the inspection for a few reasons.

The first being that it takes out the slight element of danger that is involved with climbing up a ladder to inspect a roof.

Secondly, the drone will capture HD footage that can be saved and replayed over and over again. This allows the contractors to further inspect the damaged roof with more detail, saving them multiple trips up and down a ladder.

Legal confusion

The benefits of using a drone to inspect roofs are obvious, although there is some speculation regarding the legal use of a drone for commercial use, especially in public areas.

For example, in Virginia in the USA a man was taken to court in dispute of a $10,000 fine that was imposed upon the man who had used a drone for commercial use.

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) brought an act into place that permitted the use of a drone without a permit in certain areas. In the past year within the UK there has been a 80% increase in commercial companies that have been issued with a permit to use a drone for commercial uses. The CAA (the UK Civil Aviation Authority) currently authorises 359 operators using drones weighing under 20kg for work purposes in the UK.

If the current trend continues, then we will be seeing a lot more commercial drones flying around, especially within the roofing and construction industry.


Posted by Hermione
16th January 2015
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