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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions we frequently receive from prospective clients concerning potential loft conversion developments. Should you have any questions that are not fully answered below please phone or email us and we will be more than happy to help.

  • Can I convert my loft?

    In most cases yes it can be done. We can arrange to visit you and discuss your potential new space without obligation. We will draw out your loft conversion to scale during our appointment and tell you honestly what can be done within the current legislation to maximise the potential of your conversion.

  • Can you provide all the drawings and deal with the local authorities?

    Yes, we cover all aspects of your requirements from the initial enquiry and survey to the preparation of detailed plans with structural calculations. All these elements including submission fees, and all related costs for local authority fees are taken care of by us.

  • Can you give us an idea what a conversion will cost?

    Yes, each project is very different and we price each conversion around the individual specific requirements of the client. We will be more than happy to carry out a free, no-obligation survey and provide you with a fixed-price quotation.

  • How long will the planning take?

    In actual fact due to recent changes in legislation most loft conversions now only require Building Regulation Approval. Once the proposed plans have been submitted for this, they are usually approved within approximately 8 weeks. Planning Permission if required will also be sought by us and the time element here can vary with different local authorities but generally takes around 3 months.

  • How long does the project take?

    Project timescales can vary. The average loft conversion can take around 8 weeks. The average garage conversion can take approximately 4 weeks, whilst extension and roofing work can vary dramatically depending on the specific requirements of the client and the magnitude of the work involved.

  • Can we see a completed MPK Lofts Conversion & Construction project?

    Yes of course. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they are happy to recommend us to other prospective clients. We can arrange a convenient time for you to meet our clients who are happy to show off their completed work!

  • What if it rains, won’t the house get wet?

    Not at all – we have developed many unique techniques to avoid this and take every precaution whilst working to protect your home from the elements!

  • Will we have to move out while you work?

    No. We carry out a large proportion of the work from within the roof area itself, gaining access initially through the roof externally, via the scaffolding. Again using techniques developed over years of experience, disruption is kept to a minimum in order that you can get on with your day to day lives. It becomes very exciting to see your new space developing in front of your eyes.

  • Will you be able to undertake extra work for us whilst working on our project?

    Yes, we will be very happy to carry out any additional work you may wish to incorporate whilst we are working in your home. These additional works can be discussed in detail and a fixed price agreed with you beforehand. We will carry out the extra work during the time schedule agreed and this work would be invoiced as specifically completed.

  • What extra things will we need to budget for?

    You may wish to supply your own bathroom suite, the existing boiler or electrics may need upgrading, decorating of completed or existing areas and the fitting of new wardrobes and window blinds. These are the most common additions that may need to be factored into your budget. We are happy to talk over these or any other elements and give fixed prices on each item prior to any work commencing.

  • Will I need Planning Permission?

    Most Loft Conversions do not need planning permission as the project falls within Permitted Development Rights. Most Garage Conversions will require Planning Permission, as in many cases we are changing the face of the property. Also we would need to apply for a ‘change of use’ for your conversion, as it changes from a Garage to a habitable space. Extensions will need planning permission as we are extending the property. Roofing work doesn’t require planning permission.

  • Is it just Loft Conversions MPK carry out?

    No. MPK Lofts Conversion & Construction also carry out Garage Conversions, Extensions and Roofing Work. MPK has been established for over 20 years, and has extensive experience in all of these areas.

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