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9 Signs That You Need A New Roof

Posted by Hermione
16th February 2015

new roof

The cost of a new roof varies dramatically because of two main factors; the first being the type of roof that you would like as some will cost more than others because of premium materials, the second being that you have to pay more if you have a bigger roof due to more labour and more resources.

Typically, however, you will be looking at paying out anything from £2,500 to £10,000+ for a new roof and therefore it is not a decision that should be thought about lightly.

Many home owners will be thinking about installing a new roof just before they put their house on the market. This is because a new roof does not necessarily add value to your property, but it will stop your house from receiving potential loss of value.

So with this in mind, apart from if your roof is in obvious dire need of replacing due to damage, how exactly do you know if you need a new one?

Check the interior

There are four signs that you should be looking at when you go into the loft of your house when evaluating whether you need to replace your roof.

#1 Light shining from the inside

This is most probably the easiest out of the four interior checks that you need to do as it’s pretty self explanatory, all you need to do is look for light shining through your roof. If you find a hole, then this may also mean that moisture is entering your roof which can lead to more problems of its own.

#2 Unsupported areas

Look at the structure of your roof from the inside, do some parts of the roof sag? You want to check the middle part of the roof first on the slopes as this is the common area where this issue occurs.

#3 Are there any dark spots?

Here you are looking for any mould that will be the result of moisture seeping into your roof. The mould will make the area of the roof look darker than the unaffected areas.

#4 Leaks

Can you spot a leak within your roof? This is very urgent and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Checking the exterior

For this part you’re going to need to see on top of your roof, we don’t recommend climbing up to your roof yourself unless you are experienced and able so you might need to seek professional help for this.

#5 Is there any damage?

Can you see any cracks, splits or warps in your roof? This will indicate that there is damage to your roof that needs to be replaced

#6 Moisture issues

Mould and other problems can be just as harmful on the outside as it on the inside.

#7 Can you spot any loose shingle?

If your roof material is shingle, you need to check if there is any loose granules. Check your gutter to see if you can find any.

#8 Check out any wear and tear

For this, look around your chimney (if you have one) and your vents.

#9 Look at your drainage

Your gutters and downpipes should be cleaned a couple of times a year as they are an important part of your home, allowing for water to drain away from your roof. Look to see if there are any blockages or issues.

Do I need to get a new roof?

All 9 points above will require you to call out a roofing consultant to assess whether or not you need a new roof.

Check to see when the last time was that your roof was replaced. If they are installed properly in the first place, a shingle roof can last anything from 20-30 years, whereas a tile roof can last up to 100.

You can of course opt for a quick roof repair, although this will only extend the life of your current roof and you will eventually need to replace it a few years down the line anyway.

If you have discovered any of the 9 points raised in this article and would like to schedule for a roofing contractor to come and visit your property, we have a team of expert roofers in Bristol and Bath that serve the South West of England that will be able to schedule in the time for a visit – visit our contact page to request some more information.

You can look at some of the roofs that we have installed on our gallery or you can visit our roofing page for more information.



Posted by Hermione
16th February 2015
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