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Perk Up Your Loft With Accent Colours

Posted by Hermione
4th September 2015

Do you have a loft that’s dull and uninspiring or, worse still, is merely collecting dust in darkness? Have no fear, we’re here to help you turn your loft lair into a beautiful and tranquil cove full of colour and vibrancy. Just follow our tips below to make sure that your loft becomes a work of art worthy of The Louvre and the envy of every loft lover in the world.

How Does it Make You Feel?

The first thing to do is to decide what mood you want your loft to encapsulate.

Colours are absolutely vital in defining a room’s atmosphere, even subtle tones, shades and hints will make a big difference. For example, a dark black will add a pristine, clean and professional look to your loft, although black can make your loft a little too dark if you don’t have windows.  If red is your favourite colour, a bright crimson red will add a commanding and striking projection to your room, however if you go for a dark maroon red, this will create a sophisticated and romanticised vibe within your loft. If green is your weapon of choice, a soft sage is perfect for a serene sense of calmness and serenity, whilst a sea foam green will provide your loft with a very relaxed, fresh feeling.

Develop a Colour Palette

If you really want to curate a palette, we recommend that you collect brochures, postcards magazine pages, and pretty much anything that is intriguing enough to catch your eye. Collecting decorating materials such as wallpaper swatches, fabrics, flooring patches, paint samples, or even natural elements found after a little exploring (pebbles, marbles, stones etc.).

Take photographs of anything that inspires you creatively. Amend them to your own style and put it on your tearsheet as you enjoy progressing through the decoration stage. We also recommend taking photos of the room as you progress, as cameras have an inherent talent in helping you spot any mistakes or inconsistencies as you go along. Photos at different stages will always assist you in assessing how and where to progress next.

Create the Theme

When it comes to the objects and ornaments you layout in your loft, it really is down to personal taste. Items of heritage or sentimentality can help you add the personal touch to your space, that conveys that this is truly a room that embodies you.

In regards to particular themes, If you’d like a historian look that screams intellectualism, have statues and wooden bookcases filled with literary classics. If you would like a more modern, tech-laden loft, we’d recommend that you frame it with posters and shiny gadgets (not to mention colours that show off your technology, not detract from it).

Or if relaxation is truly your thing, you can even go for a zen-style room adorned with stone slabs, candles, hanging oriental chime instruments and screen doors straight out of a Japanese dojo (see image above)! The theme should fit your interests if you’re going to spend your time planning and decorating. If you love films and home entertainment, take a look out our guide on how to convert your loft into an amazing home cinema.

Finally, you should go for the colour and theme that will make you happy and get you through every season of the year. Can you have too much colour? Not if you like lots of colours together! There is no right or wrong option and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Open your wardrobe, think about the colour and theme of the items that you gravitate towards, and go with your instinct when you decide which colour(s) and theme you want. In this way, your loft will have an interior design that not only represents you, but also captures your imagination!

For more ideas on how to transform your loft, why not check out our post How To Turn Your Loft Into A Home Gym.

Posted by Hermione
4th September 2015
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