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Pantone Colour Trends 2019

Posted by Ellie Crone
24th September 2018

The year 2019 is fast approaching, and with it the revelation of Pantone’s Colour Of The Year. Their home decor and colours of the year have been exceptionally stunning, and now we’re on tenterhooks waiting to see the colour of the year for 2019. Pantone Color Institute have selected 72 shades across eight colour palettes that are going to be trending come 2019. Sadly, five of the eight palettes currently remain unveiled, but here are the top three colour palettes that have been revealed so far, and are predicted to crown homes come next year

Top Three 2019 Pantone Colours

  • Cravings

Typically, cravings refer to the urge of wanting to consume something which in most cases is mouth-watering. In the world of interior designing or colours in general, the meaning is a bit distinct since it is a type of colour palette that is full of temptations as it provokes a feeling similar to that which occurs upon seeing a tasty meal. You now understand why the dedication of the cravings palette is food and fetish food to be precise. The main shades of this palette include Cappuccino, Cayenne, Chili Pepper, Butterman, Grass Green, and Flamingo. No doubt the wallpaper of the year 2019 will be a shade in the cravings palette.


  • Classico

Classico is another colour palette predicted to become popular, one of which may well snatch the title of colour of the year in 2019. From the name it bears, you can guess the type of tones the palette contains. They contain shades that are somewhat sober, essential and timeless but provide a sense of elegance and fashion. Deep Teal, Gray Flannel, Camel, Caviar, Apricot Brandy and White Swan are the shades we are talking about in the Classico palette. Of course, they may appear somewhat dull, but they are great as they’re easy to blend with all shades, leaving your living room looking extremely beautiful and co-ordinated.

  • Meanderings

While one cannot be sure about your sentiments, it is likely that you are going to be in love with this colour palette. It is better described as a globalized colour palette as it combines different pieces of shades to bring in a kind of African design. If culture is your thing, be sure that meanderings will crown your home décor and wallpapers come 2019. Again this predicted colour of the year will blend pretty much well with the Classico palette, hence a bonus for the Classico palette lovers. Its shades are a mixture of Spice Route, Wild Orchid, Island Green, Chai Tea, Blue Print, and Aurora Red.

Colour pallets by Pantone

Image Credit: iboy_daniel on Flickr


If you think that the current 2018 home decors and wallpapers of the year are lit, you’ll be in for a big surprise in 2019. One, because remember the above-disclosed palettes are just three out of the entire eight palettes; and two, because the unveiled palettes are top notch and you are not expecting the remaining 5 to be anything less, are you? If you are a lover of trending interior designs, you are advised to begin budgeting for these breathtaking colors.

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Posted by Ellie Crone
24th September 2018
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