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How To Turn Your Loft Into An Epic Cinema

Posted by Hermione
19th August 2015

If you have the luxury of a spacious loft, why not make that space luxurious by converting your loft into an epic home cinema! The potential for leisure and relaxation knows no bounds when you have a special room in your house for all the family. Plus, even If you don’t have much space, or even a loft at all, we can create a bespoke one for your home through one of our extension options.

Children can enjoy watching the latest kid’s HD movie with their friends in the comfort of their own home, adults can enjoy some privacy with the latest five-star thriller without buying consistently expensive cinema tickets and you can also plug your video game consoles in and immerse yourself in some stunning graphics, top-notch storytelling and fun multiplayer action courtesy of the entertainment industry’s highest grossing sector.

If these prospects have you asking the question “where do I sign up?”, let us help you get planned and prepared to convert your loft by informing you of all that needs to be done in order to turn your epic cinema dream into a reality!

The Foundations

Before you start any immediate work on your loft conversion, make sure that it’s insulated, damp-proofed, tanked and plastered. If floors and walls have not been completed, then consider cabling as you progress with their construction. We recommend that you hide the wires and cables by either embedding them in your new walls or tucking them under floors.

In regards to sound-proofing, it really depends on the proximity of your neighbours and the type of property you have (detached, semi-detached or terraced). If you choose to soundproof your cinema loft, you can either have the sounded dampened or even block it entirely. All of this is something that not only can we check rigorously for you, these are all matters that we can fully take care of for you.

A Loft’s Living Colour

The next thing to consider is the colour scheme. The effects and atmosphere of a home cinema will without doubt work best if you pick dark shades for the walls, the floors and the ceiling. If you don’t want to go with a completely nocturnal black, you can try a dark blue, mossy green or a crimson brown to add a classic look to your cinema. A dark carpet always works well in a cinema, but alternatively you could opt for a dark linoleum instead so that the floor is easily cleanable in case of any drink or snack spillages.

No Rays of Light

A major factor in why lofts are so idea for conversions into a cinema room is that lofts have an almost inevitable lack of natural light. As long as you have ventilation sorted in some form, outdoor air and sunshine isn’t needed. In the event that you do have natural light shining through a window or wall, then we recommend that you block it out. We recommend that you either acquire some specialist blinds or that you make your own curtain from blackout fabric.

The Right Light

To really set the mood in your home cinema, you will need to install lighting to be used before and after each film. A dimmer switch is fantastic for both the atmosphere and allowing you full control. With fibre optics, you can create some beautiful effects within your darkened space, such as having a ceiling adorned with awe-inspiring stars that have a adjustable twinkling effect.

Home Sweet Cinema

Make sure you find the best prices and brands for the size of screens and projectors that you’re looking for, you can do this by finding special suppliers on the internet and asking in specialist high street stores.

Make a note of your wall measurements as well as the likely distance between screen and projector. It is then far easier to get expert advice as to the right model for you and your cinematic requirements.

The Final Frontier

Now, all that’s left to do is to consider the furniture that you kit your cinema out with. The most important thing is to ensure maximum comfort for your friends and families while an epic movie, but at the same time optimise and utilise the space in your loft. There’s little point in having a one comfy leather sofa if only three people can fit on it.

For this reason it’s actually best to go for authentic cinema and look into creating rows of seating so that lots of people can get cushty and relaxed all at the same time.

Your home cinema should just about be finished, looking swanky and leave you all gagging to jump into your seats, popcorn in hand and ready to enjoy some blockbuster entertainment.

If you need any help converting your loft into an epic cinema (or otherwise)? Perhaps you’d like to sit back and relax with some movies downstairs for now while we do the work? Get in touch with us by email or telephone for a free quote today!

Feature image credit: gsloan via Flickr

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Posted by Hermione
19th August 2015
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