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Not Your Kitchen? Not a Problem

Posted by Hermione
20th April 2017

modern and comfortable kitchen

Personalising your rented property is well within your rights as a tenant in the UK. And where better place to start than the kitchen – the main hub of activity in the home with an array of design possibilities to choose from.

Before you begin any renovation work, it’s best to clear things up with your landlord first. Although they may object to drastic renovations such as the removal of utility appliances, smaller interior changes should be fine. In fact, many landlords will appreciate a sprucing up of the property at no extra cost or hassle to them.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing, especially if you plan to stay put for a long time and want to make the kitchen your own.  


A messy floor changes the whole dynamic of the room, giving the impression of a dirty kitchen when this may not be the case. There are plenty of flooring options at your disposal, be it tiles, concrete, rubber or wooden laminate, although function and durability should always be the main priority.

There’s also no harm in simply throwing down a mat to cover a stained floor, preferably one that is machine washable. Spillages are an inevitable part of running a kitchen, especially if you have children.

kitchen flooring
Mike Gil on Flickr

Cabinets and Drawers

Cabinets and drawers are a standout feature of any kitchen. Ensure they’re cleaned on a regular basis, polishing all knobs and handles for a glossy, stylish look. If looking to replace the existing hardware, there are many design ideas to be found online, although clearing this up with your landlord first is advisable.  

Remember that practical considerations are key here. You don’t want stiff, heavy features that are awkward to open. Handleless units are quite trendy at the moment, creating a clutter-free environment that can be boosted with hi-gloss matt finishes.


Free space is often at a premium in many kitchens. Utilise every spare bit of room you can, rearranging the layout so access, cooking and eating is made comfortable. Also remember to simply clean up as you go. Otherwise, an array of dirty pots, pans, cups and cutlery can ruin the overall aesthetic.

Invest in storage racks, wall shelves and hanging baskets to keep various kitchen utensils in. Another great idea is to attach hooks to the inside of cabinet doors, creating additional storage where there usually wouldn’t be.

kitchen storage utensils

Colour Patterns

In many rented properties, it’s common for the kitchen colour scheme to be a neutral, white paint job. If granted permission from your landlord, really make the room your own with a brand-new colour design.

Of course, this is a personal choice but there’s no harm in experimenting with exciting mix-and-match colour shades. You could brighten up bare walls with a splash of vibrant reds, greens or oranges, complemented with family pictures or children’s school paintings dotted around the room for that personal touch.

However you plan to redesign your kitchen, remember to inform your landlord if any wholesale changes are being made. Other than that, stay creative with your plans but also remain practical so the kitchen stays a comfortable centre for family activity.

colour chart wheel

For more ideas, check out The Latest in Kitchen Trends for 2017.

Once you’re done sprucing up the kitchen, you may want to look at the rest of the house. You’ll find tips for this in our Spring Checklist for Maintaining your House.

Posted by Hermione
20th April 2017
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