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The Spring Checklist for Maintaining Your House

Posted by Hermione
22nd March 2017

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There’s no time more perfect for a spot of ‘spring cleaning’ in the build-up to the season itself, from March this year.

We’ve put together a spring ‘to-do’ list with advice on how to tidy, repair and maintain your home, helping you recover from the winter just gone and in preparation for the summer months ahead.

  • Clean Gutters

Although gutters should be unclogged throughout the year, this may be extra imperative after a damaging winter period. Homes in the vicinity of trees are especially vulnerable as loose foliage is likely to clog the system. You can remove debris with gloved hands or a garden hose, whilst gutter guards also provide effective protection.

  • Inspect Roof

Whilst you’re up cleaning the gutters, you may as well inspect the condition of the roof. Altering patterns of rain, ice and wind can really take its toll during the winter. Any cracked or loose shingles need to be replaced, whilst serious damage around the chimney or skylights may need professional repair. Leaks can cause major damage if not detected early on.  

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  • Insect Prevention

As the weather begins to improve, typical spring insect pests such as flies, ants and spiders begin to emerge. They often seek refuge in the home where they have better conditions to reproduce. To thwart them, check the building for cracks and other entry points, especially near outdoor lights. Rigorous cleaning jobs early on in the spring season reduces the threat, as well as keeping food in sealed containers.

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  • Air-Con Maintenance

For buildings with air conditioning systems, the spring season is the perfect time to check how the mechanism is holding up. This is especially the case for outdoor units which may have endured a long, cold winter. Carry out a physical inspection, checking if panels, pipes and air filters are still in working order. Unearthing small problems now can prevent costly repair jobs in the future.  

  • General Cleaning

It wouldn’t be a spring clean without a general sweep of the home. Get the duster and vacuum cleaner out for a thorough housework session, digging into every nook and cranny perhaps missed on a routine clean. Vacuum upholstered furniture and mattresses, as well as behind large cabinets or drawers, to ensure you’re set for a cleaner, healthier home as the season approaches.

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  • Loft Examination

Don’t forget to include your loft during a big spring clean. It’s possible you haven’t been up there in a while so any unchecked problems may have escalated. Warning signs include moisture on walls and ceilings – an indicator of leaks or damp – and black stains on wood structures. Signs of mould or mildew can be major causes for concern.

Any issues may be the result of a poor loft conversion, perhaps completed decades ago. This is why it’s so important to use an experienced construction specialist if looking for a new conversion, not only to create a comfortable living space but also to stop structural problems taking hold in the first place.  


If your loft conversion is showing structural issues, get in touch for a chat about how we can help.

All that spring cleaning may make you realise your rooms could do with a fresh coat of paint. In which case, you might be interested in how to incorporate the colour of the year into your home.

Posted by Hermione
22nd March 2017
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