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The Latest in Kitchen Trends for 2017

Posted by Hermione
6th March 2017


The kitchen has become much more than a place to simply cook meals. In fact, for many households it is the main hub of activity and most frequented living space.

Depending on your personal taste and budget, there are various ways to implement new stylistic kitchen designs. Here’s a quick look at some of the latest trends for 2017.

Modern Approach

Investing in ultra-modern appliances is the best way to build a kitchen for life. Devices such as smart kettles, dishwashers and ovens have transformed the way we cook and clean. There are also smart refrigerators which use internal cameras to take pictures of what’s inside. You can view these images with a smartphone, helping you know what’s missing when at the supermarket.

In terms of contemporary style designs, it looks as if thinner contouring and slim profile worktops are leading the way for 2017. Stainless steel or stone countertops are another feature to consider, with pale paint shades also reflecting a modern approach.


Industrial Design

The rugged, industrial look has not been traditionally favoured by homemakers but has seen somewhat of a resurgence in the past few years. Inspired by factory spaces and large commercial kitchens, it allows you to leave brick walls, concrete floors and metal pipes exposed for that natural, rustic feel.

You’re not limited in terms of material, either. Wood, stone, metal and concrete are all viable options, and when combined with a few personal touches of your own, will produce a kitchen that is both eye-catching and functional.

Industrial Kitchen with brick

Handleless Units

Handleless kitchen units are a perfect component of open plan living, creating a streamlined, linear appearance to the room. They open by placing your fingers ‘behind’ the cabinet or drawer, either with horizontal or vertical rails depending on your preference.

With no handles awkwardly sticking out on every kitchen unit, the aesthetic of the room looks far more polished. Furthermore, handles can become unhygienic after prolonged use and may even pose a safety risk for small children.

White Kitchen stainless steel

Integrated Storage

One common trend is to integrate appliances into kitchen units for a more ‘aerodynamic’ and cohesive feel. This stops certain equipment dominating the desired pattern of the room. Instead, they’re tucked away when not in use, also helping the kitchen appear less cluttered.

The same can be applied to integrated seating, with built-in booths or window seats being great space-savers. Kitchen tables with hidden seating compartments are another practical yet stylish solution, particularly for smaller kitchens. However, remember that any integrated storage, appliances or seating should blend seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen in terms of design, lines and height.

Finishing Touches

Remember not to be too influenced by lavish and often overpriced celebrity-style recommendations. This is your kitchen so insert personal finishing touches for a homely yet practical space to cook, clean and entertain.

For example, why not add your favourite floral arrangements to the mix? Large leafy greens or easy-to-maintain cactuses are a great place to start, whilst Calla Lilies make a stunning centrepiece for kitchen tables.

For families with children, safety considerations are a must, whilst hanging school art onto the fridge brings a sense of warmth to the room.

Flower Arrangement

If you’re looking for some colour inspiration for your new kitchen, then take a look at Pantone’s colour of the year and our recommendations for including it in your home.

Posted by Hermione
6th March 2017
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