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10 Ways To Transform Your Garage

Posted by Hermione
28th April 2016

These days, it is rare that families use the garage to store their car. This unused space shouldn’t be left vacant however and it makes perfect sense to consider a room conversion. As an added bonus, any renovation will add plenty of resale value onto your property.

A vacant garage space can be transformed in plenty of ways, depending on your requirements and style preference.

A messy, misused garage

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Here are 10 ideas for a garage renovation to get your creative juices flowing:

Living Room
Renovating a garage gives you a clean slate to design your ideal living space. In essence, you have a blank canvas and substantial amount of freedom to furnish the room in any way possible.

A growing family is often the reason for requiring an additional bedroom. As children get older, an extra room can make a world of difference without the hassle of moving house.

Larger families can always do with an extra bathroom, especially during the busy morning rush.   You could install a walk-in shower or Jacuzzi hot tub for ultra-relaxation, something perhaps not viable in your existing bathroom.

Children’s Play Room
Younger children will relish a play room all of their own. This will also free up the rest of the home from piles of toys, games and books that soon mount up over time.

Home Office
A popular garage conversion is to create a new office space, offering you peace and quiet away from the main house. Adding stylish office furnishings will create a degree of professionalism for homeworkers and freelancers.

Turning your garage into a playroom

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Home Gym
Working out in public can put off many people, so why not invest in home gym equipment instead? The garage is a perfect place for such a venture and won’t need much of a makeover to place weight machines and exercise mats.

Home Cinema
Designing a customised cinema room is a fantastic indulgence for movie lovers and sports fanatics. Giant plasma screens and surround sound speakers can immerse you in the action whilst you soak up the atmosphere.

Games Room
For all the big kids out there, why not transform your garage into an adult games room? Think in terms of pool tables, jukeboxes, flat screen TVs, games consoles and a bar where friends can be entertained all night long.

Storage Space
Sometimes house clutter just becomes too much for your traditional storage space inside the home. If your garage is currently unused, it makes sense to convert it into a storage area with plenty of cupboards, shelves and racks to place miscellaneous items.

Depending on the garage location, it could simply make sense to knock through and extend an existing room. Lengthening the kitchen is perfect in this respect, perhaps providing more room for a washing machine or tumble dryer away from the main dining area.

Turn your garage into a home cinema

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If this whetted your appetite, you might also be interested in whether garage conversions are a new trend and How to Add More Value to Your House on a Budget.

Posted by Hermione
28th April 2016
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