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How To Add More Value To Your House On A Budget

Posted by Hermione
23rd April 2015

Adding value to the home is easier than you may think, you don’t have to gold plate the walls to make yourself some money! There are many small and simple things you can do that can increase the value of your home on a fairly low budget. Below are just a few examples of what you can do to increase the value of your home, should you wish to sell up. Learn how to add more value to your house on a budget.

A Lick Of Paint

That’s right, just a small lick of paint can increase the value of your home by a few thousand! This can be paint inside and outside of the home, so be sure to get long lasting paint that is hard wearing so that your home remains increased in value. Looks do mean something when selling a home, you’d find it easier to sell a home with fresh paint rather than a home with stained walls. When someone is looking to buy a home they’re also looking at how much they’re going to have to put in for decoration. It is advised to go for mutual colours such as whites, creams and pastel colour as they’re colourful but not invasive. You could create feature walls with bright colour, but never use a bright colour on all the walls.

New Flooring

This can be lush new carpet to lovely wooden flooring, you can really tell the difference and when selling you want to make sure that the new owners don’t feel the need to replace it. Your sort of taking out the extra work for them and enjoying the new changes up until the home is sold. Adding new flooring can again increase the value of your home by a few thousand, with all these small changes it all ads up to quite a good chunk of money. If you don’t want to replace your flooring then you need to make sure your currently flooring is as clean as a whistle. This means shampooing the carpet professionally and polishing wooden floors. There should be no stains in sight and no pet hairs should you own any.

Creating More Space

You can create more space in various ways, but to start you’ll want to invest in some storage boxes. You don’t have to go totally minimalist, as it should still look like a home, but some easy de-cluttering can really open up your home. You can install shelves and small cupboards around the home for additional storage, keeping the floor a totally open area and using the space on the walls to your full advantage. You could even install fitted wardrobes into the bedrooms should you have a slightly larger budget to play with. Adding more space is great when trying to sell your home, it’s much harder to sell a room that looks more like a cupboard.

Make Use Of Gardens

If you have a front or back garden you should make sure that these are clean and tidy at all times. A garden is a huge plus when selling up, especially if it’s a family home. Make sure that your garden isn’t too full of plants and has plenty of grass to sit and play on. Having a decent sized garden can fetch you a good few thousand pounds extra, especially if it’s used in the right way. Try to keep trinkets such as gnomes and other garden ornaments to a minimum and also try not to take up too much space with a shed unless there is enough room for one. Shed’s are useful, but only if you have a large enough garden!

Adding An Extra Room

Should your budget allow, you can add an extra room into your home with either an extension, a conservatory or a converted loft/garage. If there are rooms in your home that go unused, it’s best to change these into a liveable space as this can add several thousand pounds onto the value of your home. They’re very much worth their weight in gold and it allows for extra storage or an extra bedroom. A 4 bedroom home will always be worth more than a 3 bedroom home, so it’s something you should highly consider. If you’d like to talk more about this then please do not hesitate to contact us as we offer great prices for extensions and room conversions.

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Posted by Hermione
23rd April 2015
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