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Things To Consider When Wallpapering Your Conversion

Posted by Ellie Crone
23rd April 2018

Nothing brings interest to a room like having the right wall coverings. While paint is one option, wallpaper is a fantastic way to really bring your space to life. When trying to decide on the best wallpaper, there are a few important things to consider. Taking a bit of time to think about your choice can make a huge difference!

Colour and Patterns

Colour choice can make a room seem bigger, lighter and even change the whole atmosphere of the space. Whether you are concerned with current trends or not, spend a bit of time researching what colours and patterns are on offer; the range of designs available now is nothing short of mind-blowing. From simple and understated to bright and bold there really is something for everyone out there. If you’re looking for inspiration, check have a look at Pantone’s trending colours of 2018, or Graham and Browne’s colour of the year Penelope, a dusky pink shade which is complimented by a delicate, florally inspired wallpaper print, Pierre.

pierre wallpaper from Graham and Brown

One Wall or Two?

Depending on the shape of your room, it is worth considering which walls to wallpaper. Many people like the idea of a statement wall, using a bright and bold pattern on just one wall or alcove, but with certain rooms this may end up feeling oppressive or even make the room seem smaller. Putting paper on opposite walls may be more suitable, or the more traditional option of covering all walls. It is very much down to personal choice, however you can get some great ideas by looking online for inspiration. Always try and keep in mind the shape of the room and which aspects of it you want to draw attention to (and those you want to downplay).

Always Be Prepared

You’ve spent hours trawling the internet for that perfect paper. You’ve stayed up until 3am looking at interior design websites for inspiration. You’ve made your choice, so what happens next? Any home improvement needs to be built on a solid foundation and wallpapering is no different. You need to know what type of surface you are working with, if it’s suitable and what needs to be done to prepare it.

An obvious point is to make sure the surface you are working with isn’t uneven. This is a common problem in period homes. Make sure to sand before and after filling in any holes to give you the best finish. Small holes can be dealt with yourself but for any big jobs it is best to call in a plasterer to help. You want the smoothest surface possible so it’s worth the investment.rolls of wallpaper


Once the wall is plastered and even, it is important to prime the walls to ensure that too much paste isn’t absorbed by the plaster. If the wall is particularly problematic you can even hang lining paper. The best paper to use for this is a fantastic innovation called “Paste The Wall” or Non Woven paper. This has man-made fibres in the pulp of the paper which mean it does not need to be soaked. It can just be put straight on the wall after pasting, saving a lot of time, effort and hassle. If your wall is already smooth and doesn’t need to be heavily prepped as described above, then you can just use this paper for your final job. The flexibility of this type of paper makes it perfect for unusual spaces with sharp corners or difficult to navigate mouldings.

Once you have decorated your garage or loft conversion and it’s time to start bringing in furniture, check out some ways to maximise the available space and make the best use of every inch.

No matter what your taste or what space you are working with, choosing the right wallpaper is an amazing way to make the most of your home.

If you haven’t yet begun work on your extension, loft or garage conversion, get in touch with MPK Conversions & Construction who can guide you through the whole process, from beginning to end.

Posted by Ellie Crone
23rd April 2018
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