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How To Turn Your Loft Into A Cosy Office

Posted by Hermione
28th March 2016

A loft conversion makes sense in a lot of ways. In essence, it creates an additional room in your home by revitalising space traditionally only used for storage. Furthermore, it can add a significant amount of money onto the value of your property.

Although many loft conversions are transformed into an extra bedroom, creating a cosy office space has become increasingly popular for sole traders, freelancers and homeworkers in recent years.

Is Your Loft Suitable?
There are a few things to consider before going ahead with a loft conversion. Just by taking a quick glance, you can see if the loft is of suitable size to convert into an office space. Can you visualise yourself using the room most days to work from?

Would your loft make a cosy office?

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Remember, you will most likely require a large desk, personal computer, chair and bookshelves to form a traditional office space. Consider if there is sufficient head and floor space to cope with all these furnishings.

Many lofts are designed with a pitched roof, meaning head space is at a minimum in sections of the room. Structural safety is also an issue as many lofts were not initially designed to cope with the weight of additional furnishings.

Sound and heat insulation regulations must also be adhered to. Depending on the roof type, there are various types of insulation to consider. As well as preserving heat during the winter months, insulating a loft conversion will also pay itself back in a few years by reducing bills.

Practical Considerations
Many old-style lofts are only reachable with a ladder. Fitting a new staircase is often the answer but something tough to execute in itself. Ceiling joists will most likely need to be removed and other regulations, such as handrails on both sides and a maximum number of 16 steps, must also be followed.

Create a cosy space to work in your loft

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Also consider the power supply for your computer and mobile phone. Sockets may need to be newly installed, as well as adding a Wi-Fi booster if connection to your home broadband router is proving difficult. Furthermore, you should  consider adding a phone line extension or installing a new phone jack to connect with the landline.

Lighting is another consideration and dormers, a window that projects vertically from a sloping roof, will provide natural light into the new office. This will also help with ventilation purposes, making day-to-day office duties more pleasurable.

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Posted by Hermione
28th March 2016
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