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How to Incorporate the Colour of the Year into Your Home

Posted by Hermione
10th January 2017

Yellowy green painted wall

Not to be confused with traditional green, the Pantone 2017 Colour of the Year has been revealed as ‘greenery’ – a yellowy shade of light green which has been chosen for its liberating and oxygenating qualities.

Many top designers and manufacturers wait for the Pantone announcement before setting out their plans for the year. You may notice that various new furniture and colour trends will be set in greenery to ensure consistency across various platforms.

If you’re a budding domestic designer, you now have a fantastic point of reference to get you started. This is especially the case if considering a revamp of the internal décor of your home after a loft conversion or extension.

Why Greenery?

Every year, Pantone selects a colour of the year to signify the current cultural zeitgeist and defining spirit of the time. For 2017, greenery has been selected to reflect the greater need for social unity and wellbeing, along with the increased environmental challenges we face together.

It could also signify how we share personal resolutions with one another, especially in terms of exercise and healthy eating. Greenery satisfies this yearning of a fresh start and growing desire to revitalise, all for a larger purpose. 


Design Ideas

Even if Pantone’s corporate jargon for promoting Colour of the Year doesn’t interest you, greenery is still a fantastic shade to introduce into the home. If redesigning a room completely, such as with a loft conversion, it epitomises the essence of a fresh start.

If looking to incorporate greenery into the home, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:


  • Painting plain walls with greenery will provide an instant jolt of energy into the room, revitalising the ambience as soon as you walk in.


  • You could also use greenery-inspired wallpapers, perhaps with a botanical theme such as natural fern leaves or cycads.


  • Take advantage of green’s relaxing qualities by introducing accents of greenery on cushions, tablecloths, lampshades and artwork.


  • For wooden cabinets or dressers, why not add greenery chalk paint as a bold statement? By doing so, you’ll create a modern twist to the room whilst maintaining its vintage appeal.


  • The colour works well with hardwood floorings, as well as white or beige carpets, that create a mild, welcoming ambience to the room.  


  • If greenery-coloured furnishings don’t instantly appeal, consider plants and other foliage to stay on top of the trend. Cactuses are a fantastic place to start, adding a visual stimulus to modern room schemes whilst being easy to maintain.


Green patterned cushions

Homeowners may find it tricky to redecorate rooms that are constantly being used, such as the lounge, bedroom or kitchen. If this applies to you, why not consider a loft conversion or home extension to fulfil this creative urge?

It provides a clean slate to totally refurbish the room in whichever style you prefer, although it can pay to keep an eye on modern trends such as the ‘greenery’ movement sweeping through 2017.


Has this whetted your appetite for a loft conversion? Check out our article on the planning and financial considerations.

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Posted by Hermione
10th January 2017
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