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The Importance of Hiring a Professional Team for Home Improvements

Posted by Ellie Crone
21st February 2019

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Undertaking a renovation for your home will obviously cost money and time. While you may want to reduce the price you pay by doing some tasks yourself, DIY can be an equally costly endeavour if you get things wrong.

The trouble is that many seemingly simple home improvements are a lot more complex than we think, even if we do have an aptitude for DIY. Hiring the services of a professional team who actually know what they are doing has a number of distinct advantages:

The Right Equipment

Doing a good job generally means having the appropriate equipment. This can be costly to buy for a one-off renovation when you are doing a lot of work yourself. Hiring a contractor or professional team means they should have everything they need to do a great job and produce a good finish. They also know how to use that equipment properly and safely.

Contractors Have Good Suppliers

If you need materials or equipment to complete a job, chances are you will have to pop down to the local DIY store to get them. Professional teams have their own suppliers who do a good deal on materials such as wood, paint and brick. You can also be sure that you are getting the right quality for the job at hand in accordance with building standards and at a decent price.

Contractors Have Insurance

Professional builders should have their own insurance in place if something should go wrong and it’s worth checking if this is so before you employ them. If you make a mistake, there’s no recourse but to spend extra money putting it right. The truth is things can go wrong with any building work or renovation and being covered by insurance gives you more security and stops costs mounting out of control.

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The Skill Set You Need

Most renovations don’t get completed without input from several different skilled artisans. You may have a professional carpenter, a plumber or a plasterer, for example, involved in the same project. Even if your DIY skills are exemplary, the chances are you won’t be able to fill all these roles.

Professional teams usually have people who work together on a regular basis and that means you get a good deal of cohesion and cooperation to make sure the job is completed on time and within budget. Your project is managed better and people are brought on board as and when a particular skill set is required. If you managing the project yourself this can be difficult to get right and may end up with you paying more for contractors who are sitting around doing nothing.

Creativity is Key

What we see in our mind’s eye when we first contemplate a renovation or home improvement, doesn’t necessarily equate to what we end up with in real life. An experienced team will certainly have more chance of realising your vision than you would on your own. They will be able to work around challenges and make sure that what you get is quality and visual appeal.

At MPK, our professional teams can help your next renovation project from initial design stage through to full completion. Whether you are building an extension, opting for a loft conversion or have some other home improvement in mind, you’ll get the right people for the job who can help deliver on your dream.

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Posted by Ellie Crone
21st February 2019
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