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How to Turn Your Loft into the Perfect Kids Playroom

Posted by Hermione
22nd May 2017

kids toy train track

A loft conversion is the perfect solution for creating more living space in the home, saving you the hassle and expense of moving house.

For parents with growing children, creating a new playroom is a common conversion theme. It provides a safe and exciting area for kids to express themselves in their own special den-like hideaway. It also helps you keep the main house free from the vast number of toys that children always seem to generate!

If you’re looking to turn your loft into a playroom, we’ve put together some design ideas to help get you started.  

Room Design

A loft usually provides a clean slate to decorate how you see fit. However, you can’t just jump in there without a bit of planning beforehand. Consider if the main access point is safe for children and if you’re going to install such features as a bathroom, bed or seating area.

There’s also the matter of electricity, heating, flooring and insulation to take care of. It’s vital you seek professional guidance to ensure these things are planned correctly before any construction work begins.

Wall Decoration

Whereas the sloped walls of a loft may be an annoyance for adults, they won’t be a bother for smaller children. This doesn’t mean they should be neglected however, and as most lofts are often left bare, you’ve a great opportunity to put together a creative wall design.

If painting, use bright and vibrant shades to make the room feel as welcoming as possible – it doesn’t really matter if the colour scheme doesn’t match the rest of the home, remember. Likewise, patterned wallpaper with your child’s favourite cartoon or film character usually puts you onto a winner.

paint brushes with bright coloured paint



There are all sorts of ways you can accessorise the playroom to your child’s favour. Specialised ‘bed dens’ offer a snuggly place to hang out, whilst bean bags or long sofas with lots of pillows or cuddly toys provide attractive seating areas for children to jump on.   

Although the primary use of the playroom will be for fun, also remember to throw in a learning area for when your child reaches school age. Maybe put up a whiteboard in the vicinity of some small tables and chairs, whilst a bookshelf may encourage early-age reading too.

child's playroom with bookshelves

Utilise Space

As space in the loft may be limited, try and utilise the layout to your advantage. Built-in wardrobes or loft-beds with an integrated desk are great space-savers to consider.  

It’s more than likely a kids’ playroom will have an array of toys, games and consoles left lying around on a seemingly permanent basis. To prevent the room from becoming too cluttered, baskets and trunks make for a speedy clean up.

When it comes to a loft conversion there’s little room for error. That’s why at MPK, we’ll provide a free site survey before work begins, apply for the necessary building permissions and carry out the conversion to your decorative standards. You’re then free to create the kids’ playroom of your dreams, safe in the knowledge your child has a safe and secure room to enjoy as they grow older.


To start your loft playroom planning, get in touch for a chat.

A loft conversion can also be of use once your children are older. Find out how that converted playroom can help keep the peace.

Posted by Hermione
22nd May 2017
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