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6 Ideas to Help You Decorate a Room in a Day

Posted by Hermione
20th September 2017


For many homeowners, finding an opportunity to redecorate is tricky. Time is often at a premium, especially if you work full-time or have children, meaning refurbishment tasks have to be completed quickly and efficiently. Sometimes you’ll only have one day to get things done.

Although decorating a room in twenty-four hours is challenging, it can be done. However, you must be sufficiently prepared and have a clear vision of how the new design will look. To help with this, we’ve compiled six ideas to help you decorate a room in a day.


To maximise time, prepare the room before work begins. If possible, remove all furnishings and appliances so you have more space to move around. If you’re painting, protect all the remaining furniture with a cover, as well as the floor. Give the room a strenuous clean with a hoover and duster, tackling the usually hard-to-reach spots.

empty room

Minor Repair Jobs

Once the main shape of the room is falling into place, you can tackle the smaller issues you’ve probably been avoiding for a while now! Bleed radiators, oil door hinges and fill in wall holes with a filling product. Replacing kitchen units or bathrooms tiles are also jobs you can accomplish in less than a day.  


If repainting, clear and clean the room before starting. You should already have paint, rollers, brushes, stepladders and sheets on hand. Roller trays are generally quicker, providing added control and fewer drips. Methodical strokes up and down are also considered the fastest way to cover walls. Once finished, open windows and doors to speed up the drying time.



You’ll now have a clean slate to work from and can approach the design stage with added clarity. Decide on a focal point and implement a decorative yet practical strategy around it. For example, in a living room this is likely to be the television. Position furniture in clear view of the TV, ensuring inhabitants can manoeuvre around with ease.   


DIY assembly jobs are commonplace in homes across the UK. Flat-pack furniture in the shape of wardrobes, cupboards, tables and shelves can all be assembled in quick time. Make sure to coordinate items with the existing pattern of the room, as well as buying matching sets of furniture if possible.


It’s now time to add a personal touch to the room. Be creative, implementing wall designs with colourful accents, as well as stylish carpets or floor tiles to spruce up the room. Curtains are another aspect to mull over, especially as they can make or break the overall feel of the room. Likewise, adding cushions to a room is a quick and easy way to add texture and warmth.


At MPK Lofts, we understand an extension or room conversion will effectively leave you with a blank canvas. We’re happy to talk you through common additions, such as new wardrobes, sinks or utility appliances, before any building work begins.  

If you’re after some design ideas, check out How to Incorporate the Colour of the Year into Your Home.

Posted by Hermione
20th September 2017
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