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Convert Your Loft Into A Home Cinema

Posted by Ellie Crone
11th December 2019

With the average cinema visit costing a family of four around £100, it’s more of a treat than the cheap night out that it used to be. With streaming services such as Netflix creating a wealth of excellent content to watch from home, why not consider using your loft space as a home cinema? Within the comfort of your own home, you can pause the movie for bathroom breaks, to tell the kids to pipe down or to get yourself another beer! 

Having an additional TV space in a family home is obviously a boon for most families – more screens mean less squabbling over the remote! 

Why a Home Cinema in The Loft?

Loft spaces actually make for an excellent home cinema; generally people find they don’t have space within the main part of their house for a home cinema, but often overlook the loft. Most loft types can be converted now and offer a decent amount of space for a large screen and the accompanying tech. With the technology that is available nowadays such as 4k smart televisions, projectors and state of the art sound systems, you can make your loft conversion cinema experience as great as a trip to the flicks. 

Loft Conversion Home Cinema MPK Lofts Bristol

What Do I Need to Consider When Converting My Loft to A Home Cinema?

Converting a loft space into a cinema can have some different considerations than, say, converting it to a playroom. For example, you may require wider staircase/doorway access for larger equipment and furniture. Most home cinemas need a pretty good sound system, and soundproofing should be another consideration unless you want to fall out with the neighbours – ensuring that the acoustics are good in the room will also ensure excellent sound for your cinema experience. 

If you have an enormous space to work with and wish to seat a good many people, then you will also need to consider seating arrangements. If the home cinema is mainly for family and a few friends then all you might need is a sofa, or some comfy armchairs. If you’re hoping to seat half the neighbourhood then you may want to consider tiered seating or slimmer banks of chairs. If tiered seating is the way you want to go, it’s imperative that you ensure your loft has the height to accommodate this.

Also, if the bathroom is far away from the new home cinema, is that going to cause an issue? If you prefer, loft conversions can include a WC or full bathroom if you have the space. MPK Lofts have experience in creating bathrooms in small awkward spaces, so even if you don’t think you have the space for both a home cinema and adjoining bathroom, MPK will be able to advise on the best way to utilise that loft space.

When working on a loft conversion that includes home cinema equipment, it’s important to factor in the right amount of electrical sockets to support the number of appliances that will be plugged in. MPK Lofts are experts in creating storage solutions, and with the measurements of all the equipment that will be installed, we can create custom frames and cabinets to house speakers & subwoofers, storing source equipment (such as Sky/Freeview boxes, bluray players and games consoles) as well as hiding unsightly wires. MPK work with a bespoke joinery company in order to create the right storage for any space. 

Not only will having a home cinema in your loft conversion be great while you live in the house, should you ever wish to sell, the addition of such a usable room will boost the value of your home.  

Get in touch with MPK Lofts’ expert team to get started on your loft conversion project, whether you intend to convert to a home cinema, an additional bedroom, or even a library at the top of your house. MPK Lofts have been helping customers in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area to realise their home improvement dreams for over 25 years, offering garage and loft conversions, extensions, and roofing services.

Posted by Ellie Crone
11th December 2019
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