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Turn Your Loft Into A Luxurious Library

Posted by Ellie Crone
8th August 2018

For most people, the loft is used as the place where unwanted items are stored. The key aspect of the loft that makes it the top contender for this position is that it is the space in the house where it looks as if it is hidden. However, for other people, the loft is viewed as a place of serene peacefulness and comfort that can be utilised for a number of reasons. One use for this space is a library; being slightly more remote from the rest of the house, you can create a real oasis of calm. Providing you have already completed a loft conversion in your property, it can be transformed into a library through the following steps.


  • Making The Roof Waterproof

The loft is one of the places in the houses where it is highly likely for moisture to infiltrate into the house. If moisture is allowed to get into contact with books as well as furniture, then it is highly likely that they will be damaged. It is therefore very important for the loft to be waterproof before the room is converted in to a reading room. The room can be made waterproof by applying a waterproof compound on the roof as well as repairing the water pipes that are found in and around the loft if they are damaged. If you need any help ensuring your roof is in tip top condition, MPK Lofts can help; check out our roofing services to see how.

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  • Deciding On A Colour Scheme

For many book lovers a library can be the best place to unwind; their treasured collection of books often come to be seen as old friends. Therefore, this room may suit a colour scheme that signifies calm to the reader. Neutral colours and cool shades can deliver this vibe, providing a soft and restful environment for the occupant to spend time with their books when they feel exhausted or in need of peace.

Of course, colour scheme really depends on who will be using the room; just as there are many different types of books, the people who love them are all individuals too. Not everyone loves neutrality, so ensure you explore other colour palettes that appeal to you personally. You can go for something fun and bright, or a more sophisticated and austere look. Check out the trending colours from Pantone for 2018 for some inspiration.


  • Choosing The Furnishing

Choosing the right type of furnishing is essential for any loft. The attic is normally a room with very minimal space. Therefore, choosing the ideal seating space as well as storage space will be key to making the loft as comfortable as possible. Modern bookshelves should be used to ensure that the least amount of space is used; they are able to store all of your books and magazines without taking up excessive space, and some have doors so not everything has to be on display. For the seating area, if there is sufficient space then a daybed or futon can be put in place, so that the library can double as a spare room when you have guests. Alternatively, a loveseat is a great option for a typically little room such as a converted loft, as it provides comfortable seating for one or two people but is smaller than a sofa. If you have so many books you don’t have space for even that, a couple of bean bags will do the job perfectly.

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  • Giving It That Library Feeling

There’s much more to a library than just books on shelves and a nice place to sit. There are all kinds of finishing touches that can be added to really make it your own. A fluffy or shaggy rug to bury your feet in as you read is a great idea, and will add more colour and texture to the room. Lamps and candles provide a fantastic ambience as well as much needed lighting without being stark. Instead of having paintings or photographs on the walls, you could consider some attractive prints of poetry or quotes from your favourite books to tie in with the theme; in this vein, little trinkets or reminders of the stories you love best are great to pepper around in your library. How about a Sherlock Holmes pipe, a cup marked “Drink Me” as featured in Alice in Wonderland, a “Wizzard” hat for any DiscWorld fans, or even a replica One Ring from Lord of the Rings?

Of course, a library is only one use for a loft conversion; another great idea is to turn the extra space into a home office or even a playroom!

If you haven’t yet undertaken the task of converting your loft into an attractive, usable space, get in touch with MPK Lofts – our team can help with every step of the journey, from initial design to finished construction. We also provide first class extensions and garage conversions in the Bristol and Bath region.


Posted by Ellie Crone
8th August 2018
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