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Ideas For A Chic Adult Halloween At Home

Posted by Ellie Crone
9th October 2018

Pumpkins and squashes make great Halloween decorations


Halloween is fast approaching, people are planning their fang-tastic outfits, so it’s time to absorb yourself in this change of season and spook the neighbours, inside and outside of your house. Here are some ways to deck out your home this Halloween, whilst keeping it elegant and stylish.


  • Halloween Wreath

Boo! Scare away your neighbours whilst keeping it classy with a Halloween style wreath. Wreaths are not just for Christmas. You can buy a simple black one, or even opt for an autumnal one with a compilation of golden orange toned leaves. That way everyone will acknowledge your sophisticated nod to the Halloween season.


  • Painted Pumpkins

Gone are the days when you would sit carving holes out of a pumpkin- what a safety hazard. It’s all about painting them. You can buy a collection of different sized pumpkins and paint them a collection of colours. White or black painted pumpkins would look especially sophisticated in the middle of your kitchen table. To spice that up you could even use a gold pen to write some Halloween-inspired words. Trick or treat anyone?


book, candle, half read book, reading

  • Candles

Cackle with laughter as you relax during the Autumnal months in your home, cozied up with blankets on the sofa and candles burning. You can purchase all kinds of smells, for example pumpkin spiced or chai latte. Or you could even opt for long candles for decoration which would fit in perfectly with the modern theme, simply buy long candles and stick them in a candle holder arrange them with different heights on the middle of a table. Then enjoy the moonlit setting of your sitting room whilst waiting for the knock on the door of the trick or treaters.


  • Black bunting

Bunting is something that can be hung up every season, but black bunting- that’s a game changer. You could even DIY this, as it is simply black triangles on a string. Arrange this draped over a fireplace or even with command strips on a bare wall. It’s a subtle yet a sleek and smart way to give your home that mystical feel for Halloween this Autumn.


Creepy Halloween skull decoration

  • Creepy corpse-like skulls

Without scaring everyone out your home, a great way to add a bit of haunted Halloween ambience is to add some white skulls to your home. This decoration will add a tiny aspect of spookiness without going overboard. Many shops sell these cheaply, so if it’s only a one-time thing you won’t be breaking the bank whilst doing it.

So, dust away the cobwebs and turn your home into a spook-tactular stylish abode this Halloween. Forget bright orange pumpkins and everything being all black, it’s all about wreaths, white pumpkins, candles, black bunting and skulls. Get your sweets at the ready and your costume on because you’ll be getting more than one trick or treater this Halloween.

Posted by Ellie Crone
9th October 2018
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