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How to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

Posted by Hermione
21st October 2015

Halloween is a time of the year where you can really let loose in terms of your seasonal decorations. There are plenty of DIY ideas to consider, especially if you have children or are hosting a party. Be it imitation cobwebs hanging from ceilings or jack-o-lanterns providing an eerie atmosphere, Halloween is certainly a holiday you can get stuck into in terms of decorations. Here is a little guidance as how to decorate your home for Halloween


Create that scary Halloween atmosphere with darkened rooms, dimly lit by jack-o-lanterns or carved pumpkins. Candles can be modified in various ways, for example with melted, dripping wax or placed inside coloured paper jars. You could also consider brightly coloured glow sticks to liven up the room, especially for a kid’s party.

It’s easy to neglect the smell of your home when planning Halloween gatherings but it can really add to the creepy atmosphere if altered in the right way. Use scented candles with such flavours as cinnamon and charcoal, or even mix potpourri, crushed flowers and herbs together for a natural, musky aroma.

Any Halloween-themed room will look more authentic with the inclusion of cobwebs in corners and across furniture. To achieve this effect, stretch out and separate cotton wool into the desired shape before spreading it across the room. There are also some great imitation spider web products which can be used to fill porches and hallways entirely.


You have the freedom to use all sorts of scarily-themed decorations around the home at Halloween, from hanging paper skeletons from ceilings to pinning flying bats prints on the wall. Halloween banners, bunting and balloons are also a good idea if hosting a party.

Pumpkins can be carved with a ghoulish face or with the silhouette of a Halloween figure. When lit from the inside with a candle, they will provide an impressively authentic effect and often become the centrepiece of a room.

Plastic skulls and model witches can be used as additional ornamental features, along with other fake creepy crawlies dotted along tables and mantelpieces.  

Other imaginative ploys could be to insert small plastic spiders into ice cubes, leave ‘bloody’ handprints on walls or even fit red LED lights behind the eyes of family members in portraits.

Halloween Parties

With the decorations in order, you can then have some fun with planning for expected guests by setting up traditional Halloween games. These can range from the old-fashioned apple bobbing to mummy wrapping and pumpkin bowling. Always keep them fun but as safe as possible also, especially if near to open flames.

Many food items can be given a ‘scary’ transformation into the perfect Halloween treat. This could include biscuits with Frankenstein icing on top, spider shaped cupcakes or jellies with creepy surprises placed inside. Combined with the right decorations and an eerie atmosphere, this should account for a fantastic Halloween get together with friends and family.

Feature image credit: Ricky Brigate via Flickr


Posted by Hermione
21st October 2015
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