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Autumn Inspired Home Decor Ideas

Posted by Ellie Crone
7th September 2018

Autumn is upon us; a beautiful season marking the transition between summer and winter. The days are getting shorter and nights are lengthening; warm coats and boots are being pulled from wardrobes and leaves are turning from fresh greens to rusty reds, browns and yellows; the air is spicy with the scent of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. It’s a time to get cozy and ready ourselves for the coming winter.

Bearing all of this in mind, it’s a good idea to pay some attention to our home decor at this time of year; there are some fantastic ways you can bring the spirit of the season to your house without breaking the bank or needing any remodelling. If you are considering adding an extension to your property, or converting your loft or garage to make the most of the space you have, why not get in touch with MPK Lofts, who can help at every stage of the process. If not, the ideas listed below should help ensure your home looks great by the time the leaves start to fall.

take inspiration from the colours of autumn for your home decor

Autumn Inspired Tone & Texture

Give a nod to autumn by including some traditional seasonal shades in your colour scheme. Using throws and cushions on sofas is a great way to freshen the appearance of your living room without buying any new furniture and are available in any colour you like. Picking up a few trinkets that fit the new seasonal look you’re going for such as vases, decorative boxes, clocks, light and lamp shades, etc will help bring flashes of orange, red, brown and yellow to any room. Dark green is another great autumn colour, bringing to mind the deep shade of the leaves still up on the firs and other evergreen trees.

Fabrics such as wool and tweed are synonymous with autumn; their warmth and heaviness bring coziness and comfort.

Seasonal Artwork

You could make use of autumn inspired paintings and other art to showcase a series highlighting the scenes of autumn. You don’t necessarily need all new items; you can revamp your existing paintings by replacing the frame or just the mount with one featuring prints of autumn leaves. If you have an artistic streak yourself, creating your own seasonal artwork to hang is a great low budget option, and even if you’re not such a dab hand with a pencil or paint set, wonderful pieces can be produced by using real leaves and other items from nature… which brings us nicely to our next suggestion.

Budget Friendly Home Decor

There are some fantastic autumnal features in nature which you can bring into your home to great effect. Scatter turning leaves on your dining table as a seasonal accent, or make a centrepiece using pine cones, berries, leaves etc. Create displays of the flowers currently growing during this time of year to bring a taste of the season to any room; dried flowers are in-keeping with the theme as well, and teasels are a fantastic addition to any autumn arrangement.

try growing pumpkins to decorate your house for autumn


If you have a green thumb and some garden space, why not try your hand at growing pumpkins or squashes? These not only look great, but taste good too; after decorating your garden whilst growing and your home when storing, you can turn them into delicious soups, curries and more.

Candle Light

Candles are a brilliant way to summon a cozy and restful ambience to your home. The flickering and twinkling of candle light invites you to curl up on the sofa in your blankets, perhaps reading or watching television, or simply relaxing and enjoying your new beautiful, autumn inspired surroundings. Scented candles can take things up a level in the autumn stakes; warming varieties such as pumpkin, poached pear, cinnamon, fig and spiced berries are perfect for this time of year. A themed candle holder can add to the effect as well, or you could use lanterns; these protect the flames so you are able to surround them with leaves or flowers without risk of them catching fire.


Posted by Ellie Crone
7th September 2018
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