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Why You Should Add An Extension To Your Family Home

Posted by Hermione
7th April 2015

Many think of an extension as simply a conservatory, garage or something small, but you can actually extend your home to increase the number of rooms you have or even to make current rooms much larger. It can cost quite a lot of money up front, but the long term benefits of extending your home far outweigh the initial price. You could add an extra bedroom, create a storage space or even have your very own home cinema! Below are just a few reasons of many as to why you should add an extension to your family home.

Adding Value To The Home

Adding a room, no matter how big or small, to your home will of course increase your overall house price. If you were ever to sell your home in the future, you’ll know that your home is worth more than when you bought it. A conservatory can add up to 15% t the value of a property and they typically cost around £10,000 to build. An extension, however, can increase the value of your home by up to a staggering 25%. It’s crazy how adding just 1 more room to your home can increase the value by so much. You can find out more about adding value to your home with an infographic of ours called “Increase The Value Of Your Home”.

Creating More Space

An extra room will mean more space, space in which you can use to store items or to make into something more creative. Many who add an extra room will then turn it into a more functional space like an office or a gym. Others will splurge and create something more leisurely such as a games room or mini cinema, but you can do whatever you like to your space. An extension is great for those who don’t have a loft, or have a small loft, because it creates a space that’s more easily accessible. This is also a plus to those who have limited mobility and need help moving around.

Future Proofing Your Home

Adding value to the home is one way of future proofing your home, but adding an extra bit of space also means you have room to extend your family further. It’s quite common now for young adults to stay at home with their parents when they have a child, so the parents can look after the baby while the young adults work. This gives them a chance to save up enough money to buy their very own home, and also gives them (and the grandparents) peace of mind. Once they move out the space can be made into a mini playroom for when the grandchild/children come to visit or into something else.

Posted by Hermione
7th April 2015
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