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Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Irresistible

Posted by Hermione
6th July 2015

Commercial air fresheners aren’t for everyone; they use toxic chemicals to overcome existing odours and become expensive over time. Instead, some homeowners turn to natural remedies to keep their home smelling fresh and save money all in one go. Below are a few natural ways to make your home smell irresistible, whilst saving a few pennies.

Scented Candles

Adding a personalised aroma to a candle is a quick and easy way to start. They are relatively simple to make and give you a chance to experiment with new scents. Simply melt the desired fragrance oil into the wax which will evaporate when heated. You can even experiment by combining flavours as well as creating pretty colour schemes to suit the room’s aesthetic. Candles even work well in converted loft spaces.

Homemade Air Freshener

If you’re on a budget, a homemade air freshener is perhaps the most cost-effective way of refining your home’s smell. Simply invest in a cheap spray bottle or thoroughly clean out an old one, for example a used window cleaner product Mix together boiled water with a small amount of baking soda and then add your own flavour, be it chopped fruit, spices or herbs. Either spray to mask existing smells or leave the aroma to simmer all day.


Creating your own bowl of potpourri can be fun as well as rewarding. Mix together vegetation such as herbs, flowers and plant leaves with small pinecones, seeds, moss and bark. Together they will produce a natural and long-lasting smell as well as becoming an attractive feature in your home. Remember to collect them in abundance as they will shrink when dried, a process which can take one to two weeks.

Cleaning Powders

Some homeowners aren’t aware that smells can gather and then muster in the fibres of a sofa or carpet, making them hard to eradicate. If they aren’t tackled, the whole room will be affected and air fresheners will only mask the smell, not eliminate it. To deal with this, vacuum natural cleaning powders into the cloth which will rid fibres of dirt and also leave a pleasant smell afterwards.

Incense Holders

After a long week at work, nestling into the aroma produced by incense sticks is the perfect way to relax. This effect can also be used to create a sensual and welcoming atmosphere when entertaining guests. Various incense holders are available on the market, designed to create a smoky haven when lit and adding an exotic feel to the room’s ambiance. Remember to position the sticks in a suitable tray to collect fallen ash.

Stay Vigilant

One of the most effective ways to create a clean smell is perhaps the simplest; by staying on top of your cleaning and waste disposal. This especially applies to the kitchen where leftover foods can produce an exceptionally bad and lingering odour. Make sure you clean ovens, dishwashers and surfaces on a regular basis to help eliminate bad smells. Another tip is to leave doors and windows open if possible – this creates a natural draft to pump fresh air into the home.

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Posted by Hermione
6th July 2015
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