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How to Make Your Home Cosy for Your Dog

Posted by Hermione
20th October 2017

dog-rug-laminate floor

The Brits are an animal-loving nation and dogs are our most popular choice of pet. However, with 9 million households owning one, it’s hard to imagine each home being as pet-friendly as possible.  

Because dogs have different personalities, each solution should be tailored to their specific needs. The layout of your home will also be a factor. Either way, practical measures can be taken to create a comfortable setting for your dog. Here are a few ideas.

Dog Seats

Start by purchasing a dog seat, or even multiple dog seats, and placing them around the home. Analyse your dog’s sitting patterns and observe their favourite resting places. Position the seat in these areas and add cushions, blankets and soft toys for extra snugness.

Window Seats

Dogs are notorious guardians of their territory, using the front window as a prime lookout post. A windowsill seat or dog divan is the perfect way to improve the comfort of one of their favourite hangouts.


A doghouse is a great way of improving your dog’s outdoor comfort, as well as keeping them sheltered from the elements. There are all sorts of designs to choose from depending on their size. Again, throw in some extra dog seats and blankets for that homely feel.  

Danger Signs

Safety considerations are imperative for all pet owners. Any choking, electrocution or strangulation hazards must be identified and dealt with. The best way to achieve this is through strict training, although reducing the presence of electrical wires is also advised.

Play Den

Dogs will often gravitate towards a spacious play-area if you have the room. Larger dog beds are a good inclusion here, whilst throwing in their favourite toys and blankets will also keep them happy. Another good idea is to add a customised feeding station.


You can make floors pet-friendly without compromising the style of your home. Hardwood, stone tiling and laminated floors are good options and easy to wipe clean if needed. Carpets are more liable to claw damage or accidents, although stain protection can be bought..

Dog Care

Sometimes overlooked is the comfort of your dog itself. If they’re feeling unwell or constantly irritable, they won’t be cosy no matter how pet-friendly your home is. Regular cleaning, brushing and bathing is advised, along with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. However, if something still appears wrong, a trip to the vets is advised.

dog in bath

Conversions or Extensions

If you’re planning a loft conversion or home extension, it’s best to take into account your dog’s needs at the planning stage. If this applies to you, simply let us know if you have a dog and we can tailor our design specifications if required.
Planning permission can seem complicated. If you’re planning a conversion or extension, here are some hints as to whether you’ll need planning permission.

Posted by Hermione
20th October 2017
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