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The Autumn Checklist for Maintaining Your House

Posted by Hermione
5th September 2017


Autumn is a transitional season in preparation for the more challenging winter months ahead. It’s important you tackle home maintenance issues now so serious problems don’t arise during the cold weather, often at extra cost and hassle to repair.

In preparation, we’ve put together a basic checklist to help you discover and resolve home maintenance problems this autumn.


The last thing you’d need during a cold spell is a faulty boiler. Autumn is the perfect time to book your annual service check, ensuring the boiler is operating at peak performance and doesn’t pose a safety risk. Make sure the engineer you use is approved by the Gas Safe Register before booking an appointment.


It’s easy to overlook the roof as it’s out of sight and out of mind. However, even small issues can manifest into major problems over time. You also don’t want to be walking on sloped roofs or climbing ladders in frosty conditions.

Check for loose, buckling or curling shingles as well as for damage to the chimney. Older homes are at increased risk of leaks, resulting in damp and damaged ceilings. At MPK Lofts, we offer professional roofing services in the Bristol and Bath area.


Wall Checks

Peeling paint on outside walls is a clear indication the existing layer can no longer protect the building exterior. Likewise, cracked or flaking bricks will need to be repaired as water will find its way into the smallest of gaps. Damp patches are another warning sign, often caused by defective pointing (the ‘finish’ used between brickwork).


Although fallen leaves are the iconic image of the autumn season, they can play havoc with your gutters. It’s advised to give them a thorough clean before the winter season kicks in. If excess water is allowed to freeze, ‘ice dams’ can form and cause your gutters to collapse under the additional weight.

Bear in mind that poor ventilation and insulation in your attic are a prime cause of ice dams. MPK Lofts understand this potential risk and strictly adhere to building regulations to prevent attic condensation ruining your gutters.  


There are all sorts of home interior tasks you can get on with this autumn. For example, check floorboards, skirting and other woodwork for rot or infestation – this is especially prevalent as woodworm beetles are more active between May and September.



There’s also the matter of insulation. Door and window draught proofing can only go so far, especially with new loft or garage conversions which are more susceptible to the elements. If building work isn’t up to scratch, condensation and damp are more likely to form. This will make the winter more uncomfortable than it should be, as well as raising your heating bill.

A professional conversion specialist will ensure that your new living space complies with all modern building regulations and won’t cause unnecessary discomfort this autumn.
While you’re going through this checklist, you may also be interested in our Guide to Cleaning Your Gutters.

Posted by Hermione
5th September 2017
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