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Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Posted by Ellie Crone
7th December 2018

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Now the nights have drawn in and the days are getting colder, a little home maintenance here and there could make a big difference and save you money over the coming months.

Here are our top things to do before we get into the Christmas festivities:

1. Clear Your Gutters

As a Bristol roofing and construction company, we know the value of cleaning out those gutters. It’s one job that people tend to forget about and put off until it’s way too late.

After Autumn, gutters can get blocked up with debris such as fallen leaves. And when your drains get clogged up, the next time you have a rainstorm you could end up with some serious flooding.

This is also a good time to check the integrity of your gutters. If you have the old fashioned cast-iron types, these can become rusted and fall into disrepair over time, and modern plastic gutters can also deteriorate. Replacing damaged guttering or re-fixing worn attachments can stop you having problems over the winter months.

2. Check Your Roof and Make Any Repairs

Your roof is also another area that needs special attention before the full blast of winter hits. Have a walk round  your home and make sure there are no loose tiles anywhere. If there are, it’s time to get someone in to fix things and ensure your roof is sound. All you need is one winter’s storm and it will make things worse.

Other areas that need your attention are the fascias. These are the wooden or plastic beams that support the roof. Over time, they become cracked, damaged or the paintwork gets blistered. It’s important to do something about this if you see areas where the wood is exposed or there is any obvious damage. Once your fascias get damp and start to rot, replacing them can be extremely expensive.

Don’t forget areas like chimneys, either. You may spot some greenery growing out of the brickwork. This will be causing damage to the integrity of the brickwork, must be removed and the area treated.

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3. Check Roof Insulation

The other place to check before you do anything else is the loft and particularly the insulation. This not only keeps your home nice and warm, it can also act as a protective layer should there be any problems with your roof such as missing tiles after a storm.

Check that all areas are covered and the insulation hasn’t been stamped down by people coming and going in your attic. A fresh roll of insulation can make all the difference to your comfort over the winter months.

4. Get a Boiler Inspection and Service

The start of winter is the best time to get an inspection for your boiler. If you haven’t already, book one now. It will ensure that you get through the winter without any problems.

A service will also lift the efficiency of your boiler so that you spend less on your heating bills. Even if you have a relatively new boiler installed, it pays to have one every year, just to keep everything in tip top condition.

5. Lag Pipes

Finally, check the lagging around any water pipes that are outside. This is a fairly simple job but a pretty important one. Lagging can degrade over time because it’s outdoors. If you find it crumbling when you touch it, then now is the time to change. All you need to do is pop down to the local DIY store and get some more. This is well worth the effort, as a frozen pipe can leave you with no water supply and a hefty plumbers bill to fix everything.

There’s no doubt that a little work now can save you problems later on. If you don’t want to get up to the roof or have spotted a serious problem, contact our expert team at MPK Lofts for some no-nonsense advice.

Posted by Ellie Crone
7th December 2018
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