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How to Make A Festive Wreath for Your Front Door

Posted by Ellie Crone
21st November 2017

How to make a festive wreath for your front door

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s likely you’re considering how to decorate for the festive season. Although it may be tempting to unearth the same decorations from last year, or simply purchase cheap imitation goods, why not try your hand at some Christmassy-DIY this time around?

One idea is to make a Christmas wreath for your front door. It’s a simple yet distinctive feature that adds a sense of traditionalism and warmth to your home’s aesthetic. And what’s more, they’re relatively simple to construct from scratch.


The initial step is to form the framework. The easiest option is to buy a ready-made wreath frame, bend coat hangers, or use a lightweight floral wire – this is a versatile material that can be shaped in a circular pattern easily enough.

Alternatively, for a natural look, cut off willow stems or other bendy woods from your garden if possible. They’d need to be relatively long in order to create a final wreath of around 20 inches across, and you’d also need thinner willow whips for binding.

Take your frame material and bend it into a circle, twisting it around on itself so it stays in place. Adding additional lengths will stop an uneven egg-shape from forming, binding strands tightly to help the process.


With the frame in place, you must have a clear vision of what the outer layer will look like. Consider how the final design will complement your front door and blend in with existing Christmas decorations.

A good first-step is to pad the frame with moss, securing it tightly with florists’ wire or string. This opens up a whole host of design ideas to get stuck into, the most common of which is to use natural foliage over the wreath’s exterior.

Fresh greenery is recommended, not only for its rustic appearance but also for the beautiful smells they emanate. Variety is key, with fresh pines, cedar and ivy just a few ideas to consider. With a natural wreath, it’s often customary to attach twigs or fern leaves sticking out of the main circle.

Supplement the initial decoration with colourful adornments. Add bright flowers, leaves, berries and ribbons for a dazzling display. Combining reds and whites over the green underlay creates a fantastic traditional Christmas aesthetic. Adding holly and ivy is also a nice touch.

holly wreath


Of course, your Christmas wreath will need to be secured on your front door. It can actually help to make the hanger before you start work on the wreath itself – this way you can stand back and analyse the overall look throughout the design period.

There are plenty of Christmas wreath hangers on the market, as well as suction or magnet hooks to put your wreath in place.


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Posted by Ellie Crone
21st November 2017
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