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Things to Consider When Painting Your New Conversion

Posted by Ellie Crone
7th June 2018

The design of your new conversion can be just as important as the building work itself, and with a blank canvas to work from, the styling options at your disposal are almost endless. An often undervalued but crucial design aspect is the wall decoration; should you paint the walls, leave the bricks exposed, or use wallpaper? Do-it-yourself wallpapering can be intimidating, which is why we’ve put together some helpful tips for wallpapering your conversion.

Despite being a relatively simple task, there are also a variety of things to consider when painting a room – especially if it’s a new conversion. Here’s a run-through of some preparatory measures and design ideas to get you going.



Being a conversion, it’s likely the room will have been emptied of its contents before construction work began. So as there’s no awkward furniture to move around, and no chance of accidental splashes ruining prized possessions, now’s the perfect time to complete the paintwork.

However, there may be dust, scratches, nail holes and cracks from where the builders have been at work. A duster, towel or vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the wall surface, whilst an abundance of wall filler products can be found online to tackle nail holes. Don’t forget safety; a step ladder should be used to reach those tricky high areas.

If want to smooth out the wall, use a scraper, sanding block or electric sanding machine to even out the surface. You can also apply a mixture of warm water and cleaning solution to ensure the walls are completely free of grime, most likely needed if you’re converting the garage or loft.

Finally, protect all the areas of the room you don’t wish to paint, i.e. door hinges and skirting boards, as well as covering the floor with old newspaper. And don’t forget to put on some safety goggles and some old clothes before the painting fun begins!

heartwood painted room conversion

Type of Room

Of course, the purpose of the conversion will influence the the design choices you make; the colour scheme really affects the overall ambience of a room. For example, if you’re creating a children’s playroom, then traditional shades of light pink or blue may take your fancy, or alternatively bright and bold primary colours. On the other hand, converting into an office may necessitate a calming white or cream pattern.

If your garage or loft conversion will transform into an additional bedroom or living room, there’s a wide range of colour schemes to choose from. There’s really no rule book here; whilst some home designers will be quick to follow the latest trends, many others will have their own vision. It always pays to pick up a home décor magazine and have a quick glance through however.

One good tip is to keep within the boundaries of your main colour selection. For example, if you go for a shade of green and wish to complement it with additional layers, balance out tones with neutral elements of green, light blue and turquoise for a stable finish.  

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Posted by Ellie Crone
7th June 2018
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