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Clever Loft Storage Ideas

Posted by Ellie Crone
25th July 2019

If you are going through the process of a loft conversion then you are going to be well aware of just how much space you are going to add to your home. However, you can make even more use of that space by utilising clever loft storage ideas. 

loft storage

Create Storage Around the Bed

If you are turning your loft into a bedroom, this doesn’t mean that you have to lose out on the space available on the wall that your bed is positioned against. To make the most of every inch of space, you can choose to have storage built around the bed. This is a great way to add drawers and cupboards as well as display space for your treasured items. 

Fitted Furniture

In a standard room, the furniture is often placed against the wall, eating into the floor space. However, in a loft, you can add fitted furniture based on how you plan to use the room. So, you can have storage cupboards or even drawers added that can hide away various items. Fitted furniture is particularly useful in a loft, as it is a great way to squeeze the furniture you need into the sloped shape of the roof.

Use the Eaves Space

When finishing off your loft, don’t let that awkward space under the eaves go to waste. Here you can include storage that is built into the eaves but is still easily accessible such as drawers or sliding units that have a considerable amount of depth to them.

Create Eaves Bathroom Storage

If you have turned your loft into a bathroom then you can really make use of the space on offer. You can make use of the eaves and turn this space that would be unused into small storage spaces that can give your bathroom a new dimension. You can create storage boxes for stacked towels or plants, giving your bathroom a sense of character and style.

Turn it Into a Dressing Room

A loft conversion does not have to be used for a bedroom or a bathroom because it can be turned into a dressing room. Create great-looking clothes storage or maybe add a walk-in wardrobe. The vertical space can be made use of so that you can store long items of clothing while the low-level storage is great for shoes and other smaller items.

Loft shoe storage

Shoe Shelving

We all need somewhere to store our shoes, even if you don’t own hundreds of pairs. Whether they are sports shoes, smart shoes or a pair of heels, storing the in the right way is important. So, you can add some shoe shelving to your loft, giving the space a sense of order and tidiness. Having the ability to see them will help you to use them and will mean that you can always find the exact pair that you want.

Go for Open Storage

You don’t always have to hide your items away behind drawers and door fronts. If you want that relaxed look and feel and you want a dressing room that is impressive, then open storage is a great option. Everything is accessible and you can see exactly what you are going to wear.

If you are looking for storage solutions elsewhere in your home, check out our posts covering general household storage and storage hacks for the kitchen.

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Posted by Ellie Crone
25th July 2019
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