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Avoid Substandard Conversions To Increase Property Value

Posted by Ellie Crone
20th February 2018

Homeowners are well aware that a successful home conversion can add great value onto their property, sometimes by as much as 25%. But what if the construction work is substandard? Not only could the final sale price plummet, but potential buyers may be deterred altogether.

It is therefore imperative that you seek the professional guidance of a conversion specialist before any work begins. They’ll ensure you don’t fall foul of dodgy building practices that require costly repair work and knock thousands off the home’s value.  

Loft Conversion Flat Roof Dormer

Bad Planning

In relation to home construction, planning is key. There are all sorts of aspects to consider, including the insulation, natural light sources, electric supply, plumbing and sound proofing to name but a few.

As an example, if there isn’t sufficient ventilation into the new converted room then mould, damp and woodworm can set in. They are a pain to eradicate once set in, can pose long-term health risks if not rectified and are a guaranteed way to decrease value.

Buyer Consideration

Prospective buyers are notoriously fastidious when viewing a home. If they spot any shoddy building work in the converted room, their opinion of the entire property may subside. With less solid interest, you won’t be able to play buyers off each other and up the overall sale price.

Buyers are also likely to ask for a building regulations certificate if they know a room has been converted. At MPK Lofts, we make sure you have all the proper documentation so any sale runs smoothly.

Garage Conversion


Depending on the purpose of the room, its layout is extremely important to get right. If your new bedroom conversion just has space for a bed and nothing much else, its real-term value may not be that significant.

Don’t be too drastic with the interior design either. If you’re considering a future sale, the best course of action is to stay as neutral as possible. Bright, extravagant colours schemes can instantly put buyers off.


Take into consideration whether the conversion will add value long-term. For example, if your property is in a student-heavy area, adding an additional home office won’t make as much sense as an additional bedroom. Buy-to-let landlords will be searching for as many bedrooms as possible to enhance their rental income.

Investigate the average sale price of other properties in the area, especially if they’ve already had conversion work completed. Likewise, as a garage or loft conversion may alter the property exterior, ensure it stays in line with the existing aesthetic and other homes within the neighbourhood.

Loft Conversion Pitched Roof Dormer

Substandard conversions are a nightmare to repair. Everything may seem fine on the surface yet a whole host of problems may soon arise. If so, you’re unlikely to receive the optimum price on a future sale. Make sure a professional conversion team have been present throughout the process, ensuring no faults occur and providing you with the relevant building certificates.

If you’re looking for an established reputable building company to help with your home improvement project, get in touch with MPK Conversions and Construction, who have been providing quality services for 25 years. In the meantime, find out the best way to plan your extension

Posted by Ellie Crone
20th February 2018
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