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5 Amazing Home DIY Ideas For Curious Cat Lovers

Posted by Hermione
16th June 2015

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but cats are also some of the most loyal and friendly animals you can own. Sure, not all of them are the same, but your cat is always there for you when you need it. Many of us own cats, in fact they are the most popular pet in the UK. So what can you do to keep your cat happy, besides feeding it lots of fish?

Well below are 5 great DIY Ideas for curious cat lovers, vetted by the staff here at MPK Lofts, for the home so you can keep your cat happy and healthy.

Create A Cat ‘Car Wash’

cat brush


This may sound a little odd, but bare with me. A cat car wash is reminiscent of a car wash, but is really just a good way of your cat being able to brush itself. You can create a space (perhaps outside, you’ll see why) where your cat can brush themselves so that you don’t have to put up with a furry carpet. You can buy bristle brushes of various shapes and sizes, you can make them into an arch shape to that your cat can walk around and under it to brush themselves. It not only gets rid of the fur but it’s also a great way for them to itch any scratch!
Build Your Own Cat Tree

cat tree


Most people will buy a cat free and replace it over time, but it’s actually better to build your very own cat tree. Why? Because you’ll know your cat better than anyone, so you’ll know what kind of shape and height it should be, but also what it should include. Building it yourself can also mean a much sturdier tree, if you use heavier or harder wearing woods. You can use various materials on the tree to stimulate their senses, it’s not always about carpet. You can even create mini boxes to hide catnip in, hiding them in various places within the tree.
Make Your Own Toys

cat toy as DIY ideas for curious cat lovers


Cats, like dogs, will get bored of toys after a short while. Cats mostly enjoy energetic toys, such as a feather on a string, because they have an awful lot of energy to get rid of. When you work 9 – 5, it’s hard to keep your cat stimulated and it’s even harder to get them to not attack the local wildlife. They do this because they still have a lot of energy (as well as natural predator instincts). For those who don’t have too much time on their hands it’s best to create toys that they can play with without help from humans. Cats love springs, so you can attach stuffed toys to them (door stop springs work perfectly for this) and let them have at it! You can also hang toys by string so they’ve got something to jump for.
Build A Cat Highway

cat highway


You may have heard of one of these before, this is a “highway” that is high up towards the ceiling where cats can freely move from room to room. Cats love to be high up, which is why cat trees are made to be rather tall. It’s also why you’ll frequently find your moggy on top of shelves or cupboards! To make your cat highway all you’ll need are simple shelves with carpet on them. The carpet is to stop them from potentially losing their footing. You’ll need to create some smaller shelves to act at steps up to the main highway, then just span the whole room. You can hide small treats up there to encourage them to use it.
Give Them A Place To Sleep

cat bed


Of course they can sleep wherever they like within the home, they tend to anyway, but they need a mini home that they can call theirs. This is important for many reasons, but mostly important for those with more than 1 cat as they are a territorial animal by nature. You have the choice of buying simple cat beds for the floor but we would recommend boxes that are attached to the wall as, again, they like to be raised and feel safer higher up. You can buy box shelves and turn them into a mini home by adding some padding and a few nice smells. Just remember to clean it every week or so as they may scent mark it.

If you’d like to add more room into your home, for your cat or for yourself, then why not consider a garage conversion? Many do not use their garage, it’s space that could be used to add more value to your home!

Posted by Hermione
16th June 2015
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