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Spare Room: Ten Possible Uses

Posted by Hermione
19th May 2015

A spare room is one that you currently have no good use for, it tends to become a space to just store things that don’t fit into any other room. You should, however, be making more of this space and using it to create a room just for you. Your spare room can be within the home or be in the loft or garage, don’t be afraid to convert your home as it’s better to use the space rather than leave it bare.

Below are 10 ways in which you can use this spare room, you just need a little bit of elbow grease!

Home Cinema
If you’re the kind of household that loves to watch he odd film or two a week then it might be an idea to dedicate a room to it. You can make the room perfect for viewing, stopping light from reflecting off the screen and adding extra gadgets such as a popcorn maker or candy floss machine. It’s actually really simple to create this kind of room, all you need is a creative lick of paint, a large screen (or projector) and comfortable seating.

Home Gym
When people think of a gym they tend to first think f the large and expensive machinery that goes in it, but the gym is home to many smaller and less expensive equipment that you could be using to keep in shape. You could have weights, a skipping rope, yoga mats, a bike and a stepper. These take up very little room, so you could have a full on workout in your very own home. The best part is that no matter how sweaty you get there’s always a bath or shower nearby!
Office Space
It’s quite modern now to work from home or even start your own business, to do this you need a space that you can use to escape and concentrate. With a home office you’ll need to get a desk and chair that is comfortable and a computer with high enough specifications for what you want to use it for. If you’re only writing a few emails then you can go for something a little lower in spec, but if you’re planning on using programs such as Photoshop then you’ll need something a little stronger.

Additional Bedroom
It seems like a bit of an odd suggestion, but having an additional bedroom doesn’t just help when friends or family want to say but it also helps to add more value to your home. It doesn’t have to be as good as the master bedroom, it just has to serve its purpose. So all you’ll need is a bed, perhaps a side table and a small wardrobe (for those staying for a long period of time). Treat it almost like a hotel room, try to keep it simple so it’s easy to take care of but don’t make it bland.
Man Cave
Every man wants a man cave, in short this is just a space full of the things that that specific man enjoys. This room mostly consists of all kinds of gadget, such as televisions and games consoles, but it can be whatever you want it to be. The point is that it is a space where a man can hide away from the rest of the house, to get away from everyday life. Men tend to find it hard to express themselves, so it’s good to give them a space where they can be themselves without judgement.

If you’re a bookworm and love to real books and novels then a library is the perfect space for you! You can easily create this by adding in book shelves (which are not very expensive if you look in the right places), a comfortable chair and a small coffee table. You may also want to add a reading light if you prefer to read your books with mood lighting, or even get coloured lights that periodically change colour. Sink into a chair with a hot beverage and lose yourself in a different world altogether.
Gaming Room
Gaming had become very popular in recent years, there are now dozens of different gaming consoles you can play on that you could lose count! You could create and dedicate a room to this, attaching all of your consoles to one television that is easy to start up and get going. Having a room specifically for gaming frees up other televisions in the home (so no arguing over who gets to watch the TV etc). You could even theme and decorate the room to look like your favourite game, from Mario to Call of Duty.

Pet Room
If you have pets you’ll know that they need ample space, no matter what they are. A hamster can still take up room with a reasonably sized cage, so if you have more than 1 animal it may be an idea to create a room dedicated to them. Any caged animals can go in one room safely, however cats and dogs should ideally be kept away from these caged animals. Keeping them separate ensures safety for both, as cats and dogs have instincts that could lead them to attack rodents etc. You could also keep lizards in this room and place them near radiators to keep them warmer during winter months.
Children’s Play Room
Perhaps you have a child, or you have friends or family who have children. If you come into contact with children often then perhaps you can create a play room so that they can play away from the adults (so you can catch up without hassle).  You need to make sure that this room is 100% safe, so no sharp corners or small objects that can be swallowed. Ideally you would have soft or plastic toys to play with, with soft carpets/rugs to sit and play on. Make sure you use unisex colours rather than using pink or blue, so any child can play and feel comfortable in it.

Music Studio
Do you play guitar, or another instrument? If you play instruments then you may have driven others in your home mad, but that’s okay if you create your own room to play music in. This can be anything from a place to play and jam with friends all the way to a mini music studio with professional recording equipment. It actually does not cost very much to sound proof a room, sound proofing means that you can play as loud as you like without disturbing neighbours or house mates.

Posted by Hermione
19th May 2015
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